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A Breakthrough in Multi-functional Composite Filter Material Developed by ENFI
DATE:26 Oct 2014 浏览次数:1
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Recently, the multi-functional composite filter material developed by ENFI in cooperation with universities for two years got through the acceptance by the sole testing authorization of China, which marked a great breakthrough in the research and development.

As a core of gas filtration equipment, the filter material can be used in many processes like flue gas dust collection, ventilation dust removal, and material handling in non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, cement, electric power and other industries. The new product successfully realizes the optimization of efficient fiber filter material. Its heat resistance has been increased to 350℃ under laboratory conditions, bringing not only high filtration accuracy, but also outstanding performance in resistance to acid corrosion, hydrolysis, oxidation, and flame. The new filter material can effectively solve the problems faced by many production enterprises at present such as low temperature resistance, short service life, and high replacement cost, therefore has received extensive attention within the industry.

In the future, ENFI will continue the research, development and optimization, and spare no effort to promote the transformation of scientific and technical achievements and large-scale production to solve difficult problems of the industry and make more contribution to industry development.