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EPC Contract signing for 100,000t/a copper cathode project with Qinghai Copper
DATE:10 Dec 2015 浏览次数:1
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On December 9th, China ENFI Engineering Corporation and Qinghai Copper Industry Co., Ltd. signed the EPC contract for smelting area of 100,000t/a copper cathode project. Mr. Lu Zhifang (ENFI’s Chairman of the Board), Mr. Ru Hongshun (ENFI’s President Assistant), Mr. Zhang Yongli (Western Mining Group’s Chairman of the Board) and Mr. Fan Jianming (Western Mining Group’s Vice President) attended the signing ceremony held in Western Mining Group Co., Ltd.

100, 000t/a copper cathode project of Qinghai Copper is the key construction project in Qinghai province. ENFI’s proprietary patented technology — SKS smelting + SKS converting process for copper smelting will be adopted in this project to completely solve the problems of low-altitude pollution, ladle lifting safety risk and acid-making offgas fluctuation in traditional converting process. ENFI’s SKS process is energy-saving and environment-friendly, which can create good economic and environmental benefits and meet the national industrial upgrading development requirements.

The contracted content is the smelting area which is the key part of 100,000t/a copper cathode project and this contract marks a new stage for Qinghai Copper’s 100,000t/a copper cathode project construction.