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Tongkuangyu Copper Mine Project
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Tongkuangyu Copper Mine, located in Yuanqu County, Shanxi Province, is a main mine of North Copper Co., Ltd., is the only mine in China with large-scale block caving method and is a completed underground mine with the largest production capacity.

Tongkuangyu Copper Project Phase II was put into commissioning in March 2011, and the mining and beneficiation capacity is 6 million t/a. Block caving method with medium-length hole jumbo and large LHD is used. It is the first time in China to arrange levels by trackless mining process. Underground belt hoisting system with the longest single section, and parallel double-incline (belt incline and ramp) + blind skip-cage shaft development system are adopted.

Tongkuangyu Copper Concentrator modification and expansion project was put into operation in September 2012, with smooth process flow and stable production. Both beneficiation capacity and product indexes meet the design requirements.