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Bottom Side Dumping Mine Car and Unloading Station
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  中国恩菲自主开发的专利产品,广泛应用于井下金属矿山有轨运输。中国恩菲提供各种不同规格尺寸的矿车和卸载站:包括2、4、6、10、20m3 全套技术。



Bottom Side Dumping Mine Car and Unloading Station

The China ENFI independently developed patented product is widely applied in high efficient transportation equipment of underground metal mines track transportation.  China ENFI provides various size of mine Car and unloading station: including 2, 4, 6, 10 and20m3with full set of technology.  The mining car is advanced in structure, using quality steel materials and strong and durable. The unloading station is with delicate unloading principle, and unloading curved rail is applied homogeneous angular speed space curve which results with stable train unloading, little shock, good cooperation of mining car with unloading station and a long life of the facility.  It is successfully applied to the projects of Dongguashan Copper Mine in Anhui, Chambishi Copper Mine in Zambia, and Mine No.2 of JNMC in Gansu.