ENFI is one of the first companies which are engaged in consultation, design, technology research and project implementation for garbage incineration power generation industry. Now, ENFI has become the only service provider in China which integrates investment, consultation, design, package equipment, construction and operation of garbage incineration power generation projects.

The four BOT-based garbage incineration power generation projects invested and built by ENFI are located in Wuxi, Xiangyang, Harbin and Ganzhou respectively with cumulative daily waste disposal capacity of 5,600 tons. Furthermore, ENFI has completed the engineering design for over 30 garbage incineration power generation projects. Among them, 20 projects have a production capacity exceeding 1,000 tons. These projects are distributed in more than 20 cities in China, and their total daily waste disposal capacity exceeds 30,000 tons which accounts for 20% of the total garbage treatment capacity of constructed garbage treatment projects in China.