The waste-heat utilization engineering technology is originally developed to recover the heat of offgas generated from the non-ferrous metal pyrometallurgy, and convert the offgas heat to the steam heat by waste heat boiler for steam turbine power generation or heat supply, etc., business areas derived therefrom are: waste heat boiler, thermal power plant, boiler room, urban heat pipe network, oxygen station, gas station and waste incineration power plant.

In recent years, more than 100 designs of waste heat boiler for smelting projects have been completed, including waste heat boiler EPC (more than 40), thermal power station (more than 40), boiler room (more than 20), oxygen station (nearly 30), gas station (16), hydrogen station (5) and waste incineration power plant (23), which involves industries such as the non-ferrous metal, thermal power, textile, paper, cement, steel, chemical engineering, municipal and forestry.

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