As the main creation of Chinese mine engineering technologies, ENFI has been leading the development of Chinese mine engineering technologies, and remains a leading position in Chinese metal mine area with continuous technological innovation and engineering practices. In the long-term researches and design practices, ENFI developed leading specialized techniques such as block caving method, high concentration and paste filling, deep-shaft mining technique, large-hole mining technique, underground high intensity mining technique, combined open-pit and underground mining technique under complex conditions, super-large open-pit comprehensive mining technique, intelligent mine management system, large-scale blasting system, "semi-autogenous milling + ball milling" technique, carbon-in-pulp gold recovery technique, multi-metal beneficiation technique and long distance pipeline transportation. ENFI has been granted with about 300 national, provisional and ministerial level scientific-technical progress awards as well as several hundred patents.

For over 60 years, ENFI has undertaken the design of mineral resource bases in China, and provided excellent technical services for the development and construction of over 400 mines around the world. ENFI has designed the first mine with block caving method in China, the first mine with non-waste mining, the first mine with submarine mining, the first underground trackless mine, the first potash mine with pit mining, the first mine with paste filling, the first mine with large-scale consolidated filling of total tailings, the first mine with large-diameter deep-hole mining, the first large kilometer deep mine, the mine with the most complicated mining conditions, the largest capacity copper mine, the largest capacity and deepest mining molybdenum mine, the largest capacity and deepest mining iron mine, as well as the largest capacity open pit etc.