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Ultra high temperature sulphuric acid pump
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XDBGUltra high temperature sulphuric acid pump

短轴泵用独特短轴防振设计,使泵运行更加平稳新理组合式密封,结构新.密封可、使用安装方便  轴向推力主要霜液动轴承承受可充分利用自身吸上度,增加吸入管可增加泵机组的插入深度该实现了通用化、标准化。系列化、互换性好。

Short shaft pump with a unique short shaft anti-vibration design, so that the pump operation more stable with new principle combined seal. This new Structure can be sealed, easy to use and install axial thrust main frost hydraulic bearing can make full use of its suction degree, increase the suction pipe can increase the insertion depth of the pump unit. Good serialization and interchangeability.