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Adjustable Apex
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可用于金属矿磨矿分级作业、尾矿干排,尾矿筑坝等作业,在线电动 / 手动调节底流口尺寸方便旋流器指示调整.可视窗口方便查看当前底流口尺寸。能够适应矿石性质极不稳定的选厂,降低工人频繁更换底流口的劳动强度,提高工作效率。


The adjustable apex can be applied in the grinding classification, tailing stacking and tailing dam processes, etc. It is convenient to control the performance of cyclone by online adjusting the dimension of apex elec-trically or manually and inspect the dimension of apex through the visual window. The adjustable apex is suitable for processing ore with unstable quality, thus can reduce the labor needed for changing apex frequently and improve the working efficiency.