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China ENFI’s First China Construction Engineering Luban Award (overseas project...
DATE:19 Nov 2015 浏览次数:1
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On November 17th, China Construction Industry Association held a grand honoring ceremony for China Construction Engineering Luban Award in 2014-2015 in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Luban gold statue, medals and award certificates were granted to award-winning units. After the selection by project management department and submission by technical development department and mine department, the “Laos Dong-Tai Potash Verification Project” recommended by China National Association for Non-Ferrous Metals Industries Construction won the China Construction Engineering Luban Award (overseas project) in 2015. Huang Xianghua, ENFI’s vice president, attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of the company.

Luban Award is the highest honor in China’s construction engineering quality and it is awarded every two years to first-class engineering companies. ENFI has integrated Class A qualification in EPC, qualification for contracting foreign projects and Class A general construction contracting qualification. This is the first time to win Luban Award since the establishment of ENFI. The honor is the recognition of both ENFI’s technical level in overseas project development and EPC project quality.

“Laos Dong-Tai Potash Verification Project” is an EPC project of ENFI. Complicated groundwater hydrogeological conditions, soft rock construction process and new mining and mineral processing technologies are the focuses and challenges of the project. With the company’s unified organization and coordination, various targets are achieved in this project. During the project management of the project, ENFI actively communicated with the Laos government and local people. Profound friendship has been established and ENFI is highly recognized by the Laos government.

This project has won the honorary titles of “Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement in Non-Ferrous Industry”, “National Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievement”, “Excellent Design in Non-Ferrous Industry”, “Quality Project in Non-Ferrous Construction Industry” and “National Excellent EPC Project”. In this project, there are two ministerial level key technical achievement identifications, one Beijing high-tech achievement transformation, six ministerial level methods, two scientific and technological advancements, three enterprise-level methods, three invention patents, two utility model patents and one QC achievement; besides, five professional papers have been published.

Under the correct leadership of the company, winning the highest honor in China’s construction engineering relies on joint efforts of the project team, sound organization, process intensification and quality control. This project will become brilliant performance reference of ENFI for future overseas market expansion and EPC business development.