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ENFI's Experts Received Hornor on the 2nd International Zinc Smelting and Enviro.
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On August 25th, the second International Zinc Smelting and Environment Protection Conference was held successfully in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. This conference was hosted by International Zinc Association (IZA) and Chifeng-NFC Kubohongye Zinc Company, and co-organized by ENFI, Outotec and Hulun Buir Chihong Minerals company limited,etc. Experts from the lead-zinc branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, CRAES, ENFI, Outotec had extensive and profound communication with over 40 institutes and 160 representatives from China and abroad, focusing on hot topics like zinc smelting equipment, environment protection, zinc market demand and applications . The Vice President of ENFI,  Mr. Liu Cheng, was invited. Mr. Li Ruogui, who was the chief designer of Metallurgy Department of ENFI and senior metallurgical consultant of International Zinc Association, was granted with the Award of Industry Outstanding Contribution.

The Executive Director of International Zinc Association, Mr. Stephen Wilkinson hosted the conference and made a speech on the opening ceremony. He presented the two experts, Mr. Li Ruogui and Mr. Shu Yuzhang ,who have been dedicated to the world zinc industry development, with the Award of Outstanding Contribution.

Mr. Liu cheng communicated intensively with Mr. Stephen Wilkinson and distinguished guests from Chifen-NFC Zinc Company, Yunnan Hualian Zinc-Indium Company, Outotec, Chihong Zn&Ge,and etc. on current situation and future prospects of the zinc industry.

The Deputy Chief Engineer of ENFI, Mr. Lu Yeda, made a speech named “Brief Analysis of Comprehensive Recovery of Valuable Metals in Zinc Hydrometallurgy” and Mr.Li Ruogui made a speech named “Recourses Recycling Leaching Residue in Zinc Smelting and Environmental Protection ”, which were well received by the participants.

The International Zinc Association has extensive influence on global zinc industry and is committed to sustainable development of zinc industry for a long time, especially clean and efficient zinc production and application expansion of zinc products, which are extensively renowned among the industry.