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Vice President Liu Consoled Strike-Hit Staff in Namibia
DATE:09 Dec 2015 浏览次数:1
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On 25 November 2015, a strike occurred at HUSAB at 8 a.m. local time in Namibia due to employment issues between South African contractor G5 and its local employees. The strike was joined by more than 200 local residents, who besieged the sulfuric acid plant contracted by ENFI, resulting in damage on part of the completed work. Upon the strike, the project team and ENFI’s Namibian subsidiary launched the emergency rescue program promptly. By around 10 a.m. the besieging people were dispersed, and all ENFI’s staff were evacuated to the campsite safely half an hour later.

The strike was taken seriously by ENFI’s leaders, who immediately enquired about the rescue, and instructed that the personal safety of the on-site staff must be ensured with all efforts. Liu Cheng, ENFI’s Vice President, decided at once to fly to the site to console ENFI’s local staff, construction units, and subcontractors. Upon arrival, Liu asked in detail about strike injuries, and showed great care about the psychological and emotion reactions of the on-site staff.

During his visit, Liu inspected the construction of the 12 sub-projects, met with related people of the Owner and construction units, listened to reports by the on-site management team, and discussed thoroughly with on-site management, design, and supervision staff. Liu gave advices on construction quality, schedule, costs, and safety, and required the management team to carefully prepare materials for project delivery to meet the requirement of the Owner, Owner engineers, and independent third party companies. Liu told the team to try to find and solve problems, procure equipment in advance, especially parts that are likely to be lacked or missed, and wear parts during commissioning.

On 2 December, the Namibian government and the Owner stepped in to facilitate the negotiation between G5 Company and its local employees, with good results achieved. At present, all contractors at HUSAB have resumed working, and ENFI’s on-site staff have also returned to work. The installation of equipment, pipe welding, thermal insulation, decoration, corrosion protection, cables laying and instrumentation installation are in fast and orderly progress. Through the joint efforts by ENFI and other parties, the strike has been well handled, and safety and stability have been restored. Security has also been strengthened on the construction and camp sites, with security measures improved.