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China ENFI Officially Launches SEMI International Standard
DATE:06 Dec 2015 浏览次数:1
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Recently, the “Test Method for Determining B, P, Fe, Al, Ca Contents in Silicon Powder for PV Applications by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry” (Standard No.: SEMI PV64-0715), whose compilation is led by China ENFI, has been officially launched. It obtains standard publication certificate from SEMI. This is another breakthrough for Chinese PV companies to promote international standards in PV field.

The rapid development of PV industry also puts forward higher requirements on polysilicon quality, especially on the impurity content control. Silica fume is the key raw material for polysilicon manufacture, and the impurity contents of B, P, Fe, Al and Ca in silica fume have a great influence on trichlorosilane purity. Therefore, the impurity content in silica fume is highly valued by the industry. China ENFI organized experts for basic research and innovation, determined the impurities of B, P, Fe, Al and Ca in the silica fume, and ultimately formed the measurement standards of B, P, Fe, Al and Ca in industrial silica fume for PV polysilicon.

In August 2012, China ENFI proposed SEMI standard application. In order to enhance the quality  of the standard, China ENFI collaborated with SINOSICO, CPVT, LDK, Suntech Power, TBEA, GCL and a number of other agencies to set up a standard compilation group. The group researched and analyzed the methods of measurement, utilized the National Engineering Laboratory of Polysilicon Materials Preparation Technology and other agencies to conduct verification tests and accumulated enough data. Additionally, the standard compilation group also exchanged views in-depth with senior experts from America SunEdison, Belgium Solvay and Taiwan Youchao Energy Company on the technical issues related to standard. After seven reviews of the committee, 5 rounds of global voting and constantly revising and improving, the standard draft finally won global experts’ consensus, went through  all the review procedures in the United States on May 19, 2015 and was released globally in July 2015.

SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) founded in 1970 is a global professional association of high-tech fields. Over more than 40 years, SEMI has been devoting itself to the formulation of international standards. Now it owns more than 2000 member companies. The members are engaged in the development, production and technical support of semiconductor, flat panel display, solar PV, nano technology and micro electro mechanical systems. 1000 companies and more than 5000 volunteers from America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan District of China join in SEMI international industry technical standards activities; they represent the voice and needs of industries around the world. At present, SEMI has founded 23 Standards Committees and more than 200 working groups around the world, formulated up to 900  safety standards and related standards in 20 categories, which have been widely applied by IDM companies, wafer manufacturers, packaging and testing plants in the world. SEMI contributes to the promotion of global industry standards formulation.

China ENFI has also been involved in the preparation of another two SEMI standards, including the “Test Method for Determination of Total Carbon Content in Silicon Powder by Infrared Absorption after Combustion in an Induction Furnace” (Standard No.: SEMI PV59-0115), which has been successfully launched on January 15, 2015; the other SEMI standard "Test Method for the Chlorine in Silicon by Ion Chromatography" has entered the final review phase, and is expected to be approved in the first half of 2016.