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Zinc Smelting Project
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Ø The Chifeng NFC Kumba Hongye Zinc Smelting Project includes four phases with total production capacity of 230,000 t/a zinc ingot, 2,400 t/a electrolytic copper and 350,000 t/a sulfuric acid. The project production capacity takes a lead in the industry in China and the equipment is also advanced in the same scale project in China. At the same time, the project also creates a precedent in China of recovering copper from purification residue to obtain cathode copper, as well as a new profit growth point for zinc smelting enterprises. In addition, the process recovers silver from leached residue with floatation to obtain silver concentrate and recovers zinc through extraction from solution after flotation treatment, which also increased recovery of valuable metals. ENFI undertook all of the design and adopted the patent intellectual property technology of hot acid leaching -jarosite process, which is jointly owned by ENFI and Chifeng NFC Kumba Hongye Zinc Corporation. The technology is innovative in China and internationally advanced. After over 20 years, the practical production proved that the technology is sophisticated and reliable, featuring stable production, low operating costs, high rate of first class products and good economic returns. The technical and economic indicators of production management of the enterprise are among the international and domestic advanced level. The Phase IV works won the first prize of 2013 Outstanding Engineering Design Award (provincial and ministerial level), and the new technology for copper recovery from electrolyte purification residue of zinc hydrometallurgical process won a second prize in 2012 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award.  


Ø The Zinc Smelting Project of Inner Mongolia Xing'an Copper & Zinc Smelting Co., Ltd., was designed by two phases. The capacity of Phase I as an EPC project is 100,000 t/a  with adoption of jarosite process. It was put into production in July 2009. 100,000 t/a zinc smelting capacity is added to Phase II project. EPC project includes waste heat boiler, electrics and instrumentation and acid-making tail gas treatment. The process is hot acid leaching - iron removal by spraying and focuses on the treatment of leached residue. The production capacity after completion of all works can reach 250,000 t/a. The Phase II project is under construction. 

Ø The Zinc Smelting Project of Bayannaoer Zijin Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd. consists of two phases with the design capacity of 200,000 t/a in total and actual output of 220,000 t/a. ENFI undertook design of the project. Phase I has a capacity of 100,000 t/a with adoption of hot acid leaching - jarosite process, which was put into production in May 2006; Phase II has a capacity of 100,000 t/a with adoption of the same process as that in Phase I, which was put into production in September 2009.

Ø Comprehensive Zinc Resource Utilization Project of Baiyin Nonferrous Metals Company Northwest Lead & Zinc Smelting Plant (EPCm), is ENFI's first single-series 150,000 t/a electrolytic zinc project with independent intellectual property. Roasting - hot acid leaching - jarosite zinc hydrometallurgy process is used for the zinc system. The fluidized-bed roaster with an area of 152 m2 is the largest zinc smelting roaster in the world to date. The project, as a zinc smelting demonstration project with special funds support from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, ranks the highest standard both in terms of technical level and energy conservation and emission reduction, taking a lead in zinc smelting and also representing outstanding contribution of ENFI to zinc smelting industry. The project is under construction currently.

Ø For the Zinc Smelting Project by Atmospheric  Oxygen-enriched Direct Leaching with Zinc Leaching Residue Techniques of Zhuzhou Smelter Group (EPC), has a design capacity of 130,000 t/a. The oxygen-enriched direct leaching - goethite process is adopted. This process removes the acid-making system and can treat zinc-containing waste residues, and improves zinc recovery by addition of enriched oxygen. This process is among the international latest zinc hydrometallurgy technologies. The project has a purification process of arsenic salt solution with design capacity of 320,000 tons. It is the arsenic salt solution purification system with the maximum capacity of single series applied in zinc smelting system in China. The project was put into full operation in September 2009.


Ø The Huize Electrolytic Zinc and Residue Comprehensive Utilization Project of Yunnan Chihong Zinc and Germanium Company Limited reaches the total capacity of 150,000 t/a electrolytic zinc product. The international advanced equipment like large electrolytic tanks, 3.2 m2 cathode sheet, and large automatic cranes are applied in the project. It is a zinc electrolysis plant with the maximum capacity in China. Residues yielded by various systems of the project are recycled and brings the advantages of establishing joint venture for lead and zinc smelting into full play, which builds another new and green lead and zinc smelting enterprise for Yunnan Chihong Zinc and Germanium Company Limited.