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Rare Earth Smelting Project
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ENFI has been engaged in the scientific research, development and design of rare earth smelting technologies since 1960s. ENFI completed the engineering design for the first Baotou rare earth smelting and rare earth alloy project in China. Over the years, ENFI has completed over 40 rare earth engineering design projects including Baotou Steel Rare-earth Plant I, Plant II, Plant III, Donghe Rare Earth Smelting Plant, Shanghai Yuelong Chemical Plant, Ganzhou Rare Earth Smelting Plant, Sichuan Fangxing Rare Earth Plant, Guangzhou Zhujiang Smelting Plant, and Sichuan JCC Manshuiwan Rare Earth Smelting Plant.

ENFI has low temperature dynamic rare earth concentrate roasting technology: this technology is a new rare earth smelting process with independent intellectual property, has won a national invention patent, and is known as one of the top ten Chinese rare earth inventions. This technology solves the environmental protection issue during smelting. No SO2 gas and SO3 gas are produced during production and elements such as thorium and fluorine are recovered, with high product decomposition rate (more than 95%), thus saving energy and reducing pollution.

With radioactivity protection technology in rare earth and rare metal production, ENFI provides complete radioactivity protection scheme and radioactive thorium recovery technology for enterprises.

ENFI provides services such as consulting, design, and EPC for following projects:

Ø Rare earth smelting and separation technology, including mixed rare-earth metals and single rare-earth metal engineering design technology; rare earth concentrate decomposition and mixed compound production technology; rare earth extraction and separation technology; the "waste gas, wastewater and waste solid" treatment technology in rare earth production.

Ø Rare-earth permanent magnetic materials, including sintered rare-earth permanent magnet project; bonded rare earth permanent magnet; magnetostriction and other special rare earth alloy projects.

Ø Rare earth polishing powder and rare earth phosphor production technology; rare earth hydrogen storage material and rare earth catalyst production technology.

Ø Scandium resource recovery and utilization technology.


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