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Ramu Nickel-Cobalt Mine in Papua New Guinea
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The project is in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, and is among China's largest overseas nonferrous mineral resource development projects. ENFI undertakes the detailed design of project and permanent engineering equipment material purchasing.

The project consists of three parts: mine (including the concentrator), smelter and slurry pipes connecting the mine and smelter. The slurry pipe between mine and smelter is about 135km long with height difference of about 700 m. The mining capacity of the project is 5.7 million t (3.53 million t/a dry ores), the annual ore processing capacity is 3.2 million t in the smelter, and the annual output of nickel/cobalt hydroxide is Ni 32,000 t/a and Co 3,300 t/a respectively with the calculation based on metal tonnage.