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Jinchuan Nickel Mine
DATE:15 Nov 2017 浏览次数:1
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It is a rare high stress super-large metal deposit with difficulty in mining around the world, and is divided into 4 major mining areas during the geological survey. Mechanical underhand drift consolidated cut-and-fill method is adopted and large equipment including dual hydraulic drill jambo and 6m³ scraper are used. The annual production capacity in Mining Area II reaches 4 million t. The application of processes and techniques such as combined bolt-shotcrete-net-cable support system, rod milling high concentration consolidated filling technique, paste filling technique, improved ventilation system, adjustment of stoping order of drifts enhanced the mining efficiency and resource recovery, with rich experience accumulated for metal deposits where ore rocks are unstable in the high stress area.

The concentrator is composed for primary beneficiation plant, secondary beneficiation plant, tertiary beneficiation plant, concentrate plant and tailings plant, with a total production capacity of 29,000 t/d. The production process of the concentrator is two-stage crushing with one closed circuit, two-stage grinding and two-stage separation cleaning, two-stage dewatering of thickening and filtering. Produced concentrate will be fed into flash smelting and top-blowing smelting systems of the smelter.