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Dexing Copper Mine
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Dexing Copper Mine is the largest nonferrous metal mine in China, and copper plant mining area and Fujiawu mining area are mined. Both mining area are super-large porphyry copper deposits, and open-pit mining is adopted. The ore has a low grade but is evenly distributed with a small amount of oxidized ore; the mining and beneficiation are easy. Over years of development, the mining capacity reaches 130,000 t/d.

Dexing Copper Mine is a model for comprehensive utilization of ores. Not only valuable metals such as molybdenum, gold and sulfur are recovered, but also copper is recovered from the waste rock yard by heap leaching, and further from comprehensive treatment of acid waste water, and low grade copper ores are fully utilized.

Both ores and waste rocks are transported by large electric wheel truck, and waste rocks are discharged by crusher - belt and spreader. There are Sizhou Concentrator and Dashan Concentrator. Sizhou Concentrator has a capacity of 38,000 t/d, with new conventional milling, partial selective flotation, rough concentrate re-milling process adopted; Dashan Concentrator has a capacity of 92,000 t/d, with new conventional milling and semi-autogenous milling + ball milling process adopted. For both concentrators, after concentrated copper and molybdenum separation of copper concentrate, it goes to concentrate dewatering operation.

Tailings Pond #4 of Dexing Copper Mine, with a total capacity of 835 million m3, was the first pond in Asia at that time, and is the first to use central-line damming in China. Tailings Pond #5 is under construction and will have a total capacity of about 1.03 billion m3.