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ENFI, established in 1953, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corp.

ENFI is specialized in three major businesses: project integration, new energy industry and resource development.

— Project integration

EPC service, consultation, engineering design, scientific research, supervision, equipment development and supply, information and automatic-control system integration as well as related service before and after project construction in the fields of mine engineering, nonferrous metallurgical engineering, municipal engineering, air quality control engineering, and civil architectural engineering, etc.

—New energy industry

lPhotovoltaic material and photovoltaic power generation based on polysilicon production;

lPower generation by waste incineration based on BOT/BOO projects of municipal domestic waste treatment.

—Resource development

lWater resource development based on BOT/BOO projects of municipal sewage treatment and reclaimed water treatment;

lMineral resource development.

ENFI has strong human resource, including one academician of China Engineering Academy, three National Design Masters, 240 national registered engineers in a variety of specialties and about 500 senior engineers.

ENFI, as a leader in technical improvement of China’s nonferrous metal industry, a pioneer in national polysilicon industry, an outstanding figurer in new energy industry, and an explorer in resource development, is a famous brand in international nonferrous engineering circle.

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