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Vent Gas Treatment System
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  中国恩菲自主开发的尾气洗涤装置,应用于处理加压浸出系统排汽,使其达到环保标准后排出。专门针对加压浸出系统所排放的“不凝气体及蒸汽混合物”设计,洗涤效率达到99% 以上;可实现尾气热量二次循环利用,充分体现节能与环保的先进设计理念;可调节式洗涤装置,广泛适用于范围波动大的工况;分段洗涤模式,保证了洗涤液的合理分配,节约投资;结构简单,模块化设计,维护方便。


Vent Gas Treatment System

The self-developed vent gas treatment system by China ENFI is applied for pressure leaching system exhausting gas to reach environmental standards.  The treatment system is specially designed for emissions (“non-condensable gas and steam mixture”) of pressure leaching system, and treatment efficiency can reach more than 99%; The system achieves the vent gas heat of secondary recycling, and fully embodies the advanced design concept of energy saving and environmental protection; The adjustable treatment system is widely used in the conditions of large range fluctuation; Segmented treatment mode can ensure the rational distribution of scrubbing liquid and save investment; Simple structure, modular design and easy maintenance.