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Underground Un-manned Driving Electric Locomotive and Automatic Remote Control System
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  中国恩菲自主开发的专利产品,由电机车自动运行控制系统(ATO)、电机车运行保护系统(ATP)、编组调度指挥系统(ATS)、巷道无线通讯系统及辅助系统等构成。适用于大型矿山,特别是大水、高岩爆、高海拔的特殊矿山地下开采, 2015 年被国家安监总局列入第一批《金属非金属矿山新型适用安全技术及装备推广目录》。

  无人驾驶电机车运输电控系统适用于多列编组、多机传动、多弯道岔道等复杂工况条件,比传统运输方式提高至少25% 工作效率,实现设备预维护,大量减少岗位工人和技术员,降低人员伤害风险,做到运输环节人员的本质安全。成功用于铜陵有色金属集团冬瓜山铜矿,填补了亚洲地下矿无人驾驶电机车运输领域的空白。


The China ENFI independently developed patented product is composed of electric locomotive automatic operation control system (ATO), electric locomotive operation and protection system (ATP), marshaling scheduling command system (ATS), drift wireless communication system and auxiliary system. It is applicable to large-scaled mines, especially the special mine underground mining with abundant water, high possibility of rock burst, and high altitude. It is listed in the first lot of <Metals and Non-metals Mines New Applicable Safety Technology and Equipment Promoted Directory> by State Administration of Work Safety in 2015. Un-manned driving electric locomotive transportation electric control system is applicable to the complicated working conditions with multiple columns marshaling, multiple motors drive, and many curves and crossways. It can increase at least 25% working efficiency compared with traditional transportation ways, realize pre-maintenance of equipment, reduce the on-post workers and technicians, and minimize the risk of labors injured to ensure the essential safety of personnel in the transportation.